SALMAN ABDUHOO LAHORE - The oil production from Tal block has reaches over 9,100 barrels per day from the existing 7,600 barrels per day (bpd). The Tal block consists of Manzalai, Mamikhel, Maramzai and Makori wells. Pakistan Petroleum Information Services (PPIS), which provides energy activity information service and tracks oil and gas production numbers in Pakistan, has said that oil production from Tal block has increased from existing 7,600 barrels per day (bpd) to more than 9,100 bpd. The notable increase in oil production is witnessed from Manzalai-CPF which is now producing 7,500bpd versus last weeks production of 6,000bpd. Similarly, gas production from Tal block has surged from 310mmcfd (million cubic feet per day) to 345mmcfd. This is also contributed by Manzalai-CPF whose gas production increased from 288mmcfd to 323mmcfd. According to experts, higher production from Manzalai (in Tal block) is primarily due to commissioning of Maramzai, the second last discovery in Tal block which initially tested to produce approximately 800bpd of oil. Moreover, oil production numbers from Maramzai (also in Tal block) has also improved. Thus, total oil production from Tal block including Manzalai, Mamikhel, Maramzai and Makori has crossed 9100bpd. They said that similarly gas production from Tal block has increased from 300mmcfd to 340mmcfd primarily led by Maramzai factor. Maramzai was initially tested to produce 20mmcfd of gas. Energy expert, Farhan Mehmood, believed that POL remained the major beneficiary of the increased production. He said drilling of oil and gas exploration companies in Pakistan has slowdown by 32 percent in 1HFY11. He said that there are two major reasons for their underperformance. First is the unending circular debt which has affected their liquidity thereby restricting their drilling portfolio and second is the continuation of the carry over wells of last year that are compelling E&P to focus more on them. rather on new wells. Where development of existing well is important, exploring new wells is equally important. In FY11, when OGDC has to drill 10 exploratory wells it has only drilled 1 exploratory well during the first 6 months. Last year during the same period, company drilled 4 exploratory wells out of the target 23 wells. If we include both exploratory and development wells, the company has to drill 31 wells while so far it drilled 7 wells (1 exploratory and 6 development). However, only 6 exploratory wells have been drilled out of the target 29 exploratory wells. Similarly, performance of development wells is also on the lower side where only 13 development wells have been drilled out of 51 wells targeted for full year FY11.