ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Sheikh on Wednesday met President Asif Ali Zardari, separately, to apprise him of the governments initiative to evolve political consensus on economy and other national issues. Current situation in the country was discussed during the meeting, stated official handout on the meeting. The President apprised the Prime Minister of his recent visits to USA and UEA and his meetings with the US, UAE and other countries leadership. The President also hosted dinner for the Prime Minister, it added. Earlier, Presidential spokes-man Farhatullah Babar told the media that the Finance Minister briefed the President on the status of the ongoing economic negotiations with the international financial institutions and discussions with the parliamentary parties in the country. According to the spokesman, the President emphasised the need for developing a framework to ensure the continuity of economic policies. For this purpose, the President said it was important that political parties and stakeholders were taken on board in major economic initiatives and policies. The overall economic situation and economic policies were also discussed during the meeting, he added. According to well-placed sources, the President has given freehand to the Finance Minister as head of the five-member committee to interact with not only the major opposition party namely the PML-N but also other parliamentary parties. Agencies add: Zardari noted that economic situation of the country will be improved with the consensus, the way democracy is being strengthened through political reconciliation. Only the positive proposals from the political parties will be implemented, he said. Abrar Saeed adds: Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that the decision to deploy Army in Karachi to control law and order situation would be taken in consultation with all the political stakeholders in the province. Talking to journalists after the ground-breaking ceremony of the Parliament Lodges Phase-II here on Wednesday, the Prime Minister said that so far no decision on imposition of Governors Rule or deployment of Army in Karachi has so far been made and while taking any decision on maintenance of law and order situation in the port city all the political players in Sindh would be taken on board. He said that he had summoned the session of National Assembly to discuss the issue of law and order to reach a decision with mutual consultation. He said that intelligence agencies, provincial government and political parties were giving feedback to the government on law and order situation and about the elements involved in target killings in Karachi. There has been some reduction in the target killing incidents. Gilani said that Interior Minister Rehman Malik has also briefed him on Karachi law and order situation. Gilani sounded optimistic when asked about the worsening economic situation in the country and said that the government would overcome it in support of the political leadership. He further said that the government was striving hard to overcome the financial crunch. Taking it as a challenge Premier Gilani said, I dont have a political threat, I have an economic threat... and I am 200 per cent sure that we will overcome it. He said that the war on terror greatly impacted the countrys economy along with global recession, adding, prudent steps were required to deal with the gravity of economic situation. He said had proper planning been done some five years back, the issue of inflation would not have grown to such proportion. He also attributed the increasing demand to the rapidly growing population that has burdened countrys capacity to generate gas and electricity. He mentioned that the government had also dealt the issue of war on terror effectively, with the support of countrys political leadership. To a question he said that if all dissident groups in Karachi and Balochistan would lay down their arms government was ready to initiate dialogue process to resolve their grievances. He said the government was ready to hold dialogue with those terrorists who would lay down their weapons and surrender themselves before the local political agents. He said the matter was sub judice and the rental power plants against whom there were no complaints, are working. He said action would be taken against controversial RPPs. Gilani said that the country has been brought out of the shackles of dictatorships and is on the path of democracy. The 18th and 19th constitutional amendment and NFC awards are outcome of democracy. He said that poverty and suicide attacks in the country are not result of democracy but due to world economic crisis.