JAVAID-UR-RAHMAN ISLAMABAD - The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) grilled Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) over slow tax collection system on Wednesday and remarked if these lacunas were removed properly then there would be no need to impose Reform General Salas Tax (RGST). Reviewing the audit report 2008-09 pertaining to the accounts of FBR (indirect taxes 2008-09), PAC members observed if internal recovery system was strengthened appropriately then there would be no need to impose RGST. "Test check of recovery registers pertaining to various RTOs and MCCs of the Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa revealed that revenue collecting departments did not take adequate measures for the recovery of adjudged government dues of Rs 5.17 billion in 432 cases," audit officials told the committee. It was further said that in various RTOs and MCCs of Sindh and Balochistan, the tax collecting agencies did not take adequate measures for the recovery of Rs 4299.623 million in 942 cases. The FBR officials informed the committee that they had recovered the major amount. Commenting on it, Zahid Hamid chairing the committee in absence of Chaudhary Nisar, said if one test case reflected Rs 10 billion, what would be the size of amount of revenue. "Take this forum seriously and send compliance report to PAC," he added. The FBR told certain persons had caused billion of rupees loss to national kitty because of fake registration. "The addresses of these persons are bogus therefore, action stands withheld against them," the committee was further told. Reviewing about non-imposition of penalty Rs 29.557 million, the audit official said that the registered person did not submit refund claims within stipulated time but no penalty was imposed despite lapse of considerable time. Over receiving response from FBR, Member PAC Rukhsana Bangish said that FBR was not prepared to respond the committee and simply 'passing bucks to each other'. Zahid Hamid termed it pathetic performance on the part of FBR and added that it needed to be improved. On it, the FBR official seek apology from the chair and ensured to be prepared next time. The PAC members made this observation when they found that a test check conducted by Auditor General of Pakistan had revealed that the FBR had failed to recover adjudged government dues amounting to Rs 9.4 billion.