ISLAMABAD - PML-Q on Wednesday gave the governments economic team its five-point action plan to counter the economic meltdown the country is facing at present. The PML-Q recipe includes provision of immediate relief to the masses, devising energy strategy, control on law & order in Karachi and Balochistan, elimination of corrupt practices, end to terrorism and revision in the foreign policy. Briefing the journalists after the meeting with the government team, PML-Q President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain said that the government could implement this plan within days without spending even a single penny from the national kitty. Our agenda is purely on technical basis and rising above the party-lines, we have suggested the government a comprehensive strategy to tackle the economic crisis. If the capital flight from the country is plugged and all the money invested or kept in foreign banks is recovered, the country would have no need to seek loans from the IMF or World Bank, he asserted. He also asked the Federal Bureau of Revenue (CBR) to publish all lists of those politicians and their family members who had got their loans written off. He also said that his party was the only opposition party and it would be the last political outfit to join the government. He said meetings with the government delegations should not be taken as his party was going to join the treasury benches and rather consultations process was being adopted for a national cause. Giving outlines of his partys agenda, PML-Q Secretary General Mushahid Hussain Sayed warned the ruling party of a Tunis-like public rebellion if the matters were not redressed immediately. If corrective steps are not taken immediately, the Tunis Model could be implemented in Pakistan. The people are sick of these corrupt rulers and any minor incident can trigger Tunis-like rebellion, he asserted. He said that his party had asked the government to devise an effective and doable price control policy to be implemented by federal and provincial governments to provide immediate relief to the people. A comprehensive energy strategy should also be devised to harness all resources to make Pakistan energy self-sufficient by immediately pursuing all existing initiatives - Thar Coal, Iran Pipeline, Electricity from Tajikistan, etc., so that burden on the people ends due to constant gas/electricity loadshedding, he added. On law & order and internal security, Mushahid urged the government to undertake efforts to stop target killings in Karachi and Balochistan forthwith, without any political or other considerations. Peace in Karachi and Quetta is indispensable for national economy and the countrys stability and kidnapping for ransom by organized criminal gangs in Sindh has created fear and insecurity among the business community, and immediate steps are required to end this, he said. He also asked the government that there was no free lunch and if the government wanted cooperation from the opposition, it should also give an end to false cases registration against political opponents under its agenda of victimization and vendetta in all provinces. On corruption, Mushahid asked the government to ensure that money stashed in banks abroad by Pakistani citizens and politicians be repatriated home to strengthen and revive confidence in the national economy. He also called for provision of immunity to those responding voluntarily to this patriotic act. He also asked the government to publish names of all public representatives, past and present, and their spouses, who have had loans written off since 1985. On the governments counter terror strategy, the PML-Q held the government responsible for failure to protect life and property of citizens from terrorists, who seem to have full freedom to strike at a time and target of their own choice. The government, in consultation with political forces, opinion leaders, media, Ulema and judiciary, should formulate an effective strategy to combat extremism and terrorism, and implement it forthwith, said Mushahid Hussain. About foreign policy review, Mushahid said Pakistan must reorient its foreign policy focusing on the region where it is located having peaceful relations with neighbours, by resolving long-standing disputes like Kashmir. Answering a query, Mushahid Hussain said around $40 billion of Pakistanis were stashed in foreign banks, which was a no confidence on the government. Not only the people of Pakistan but also the international community would lose faith in the government if the rulers fail in returning this money. For this purpose, the government needs a vision, strategy and will, he asserted. To a question, Mushahid said the governments economic team did not utter a single word about his partys support for the controversial reform general sales tax (RGST) during the meeting. He said he along with his party chief would visit Karachi on Friday to have consultative process with all the stakeholders to ensure a strategy to bring normalcy in Karachi. He asked the government to immediately implement the Aghaz-e-Huqooq-e-Balochistan Package which was formulized in consultation with all political parties including his own party - the PML-Q. There is a need of 'healing touch in Balochistan to restore peace and win confidence of the Balouch people. If the government does not act immediately in this direction, I am fear the future of the incumbent rulers is bleak, he added.