One of the major positive developments in Pakistan has been the emergence of a free media, which has played a major role in exposing the rot and is helping foster a culture of accountability. But with added power comes the burden of increased responsibility and the media must place institutional checks and balances to ensure that its acts with responsibility. The sad episode of the murder of the parents of Justice Javed Iqbal by his own son in Lahore is a most lamentable tragedy. It touched the hearts of a large segment of the population. In this moment of public grief, some well known investigative journalists, in a rush of journalistic exuberance linked the murder to the cases of the missing persons. There was a distinct effort to create a perception that the heartless crime was the handiwork of those who had been affected by the cases under hearing of Justice Javed and wanted to get even by bringing grief to him through killing of his parents. The thick finger of accusations pointed at the intelligence agencies. Now that the murderers and their motives stand exposed, it will be in the fitness of things that the offensive mistake be acknowledged with an open heart and mind by those who without any evidence at their command chose to indulge in speculative reporting. This will not only correct a genuine mistake but will also help counter propaganda, undertaken by Pakistans enemies that its agencies are running amok outside the realm of institutionalized control. HAIDER SHARIF, Rawalpindi, January 19.