LAHORE Ameer Jamaatud Dawa (JD) Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has denied jurisdiction of an American court to summon him in a case filed by Shimon Rosenberg and three other Jews to claim damages on the killing of their two inmates in the Mumbai attacks on November 26, 2008. United States District Court, Eastern District of New York has summoned Hafiz Saeed, ISI chief Ahmad Shuja Pasha, and other high-ranking Pakistani military officials in the lawsuit which the said ones have moved charging the defendants with abetting the crime of attacks in Mumbai wherein scores of foreigners had also lost their lives among 164 casualties. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed through his counsel A.K.Dogar said that 'he does not recognise jurisdiction of any court in US yet he is filing this reply in protest considering that it is duty of every citizen of the country to protest if unwarranted, unlawful and illegal summons have been served on him. He said the US court cannot extend its jurisdiction to any acts or events occurring within the territory of another country. 'The Law of the Nations or the International Law has recognised this exercise of jurisdiction over the person and property of that state, while Lord Macmillan has aptly described this principle in well known case Compania Naveira Vascon gado versus Critina SS, 1938.