ISLAMABAD - The British media in general and some former so-called greats in particular intend to criticize players to whom their batsmen or bowlers can't manage to handle on the field.

Same thing happened in the first Test between Pakistan and England that finished on Thursday in which Pakistan scored 10 wickets win against World No 1 Test team.

It is very interesting to point out that Bob Willis instead of criticizing his batsmen, playing casual strokes and threw away their wickets against  the sensational bowling of Saeed Ajmal, who just bowled to line and length and nothing extraordinary or special deliveries manage to rattle the strong English batting who were flying high after their recent successes against all the opponents they had faced so far.

Bob Willis was not even supported by his own media and it is very encouraging that past greats like Boycott not only hailed Saeed Ajmal's classic bowling but also rubbished the claims of any wrongdoing by Ajmal. Boycott went on a step further by claiming Saeed is an exceptional talent and is a bowling magician so the batsmen must concentrate on their technique rather than using unfair and unethical means. Such is the credibility of Bob Wills that when he bowled a bouncer to Iqbal Qasim during his playing days, which resulted in 7 stitches to Qasim, British media and even commentators lashed out at him and called him a coward, who bowls bouncer to tail ender.  The theory, which Bob Wills has presented to support that in such hot and humid conditions what was the reason Saeed Ajmal wears a full sleeves shirt, his claim is totally illogical, as every player has the right to wear what ever he feels comfortable, in line with ICC code of conduct. The English and Australian medias are known for their role in pressurizing the teams and especially the players to whom their teams can't handle on the field so they use dirty tricks and play mind games to their advantage.