LAHORE - The Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry Thursday urged the government to focus on boosting economic activity in the country.

In a statement issued here, the LCCI President Irfan Qaiser Sheikh said that during the year 2011, the economic activity in the country remained hostage to multiple internal and external pressures and it seems that the phenomenon would continue to prevail if private sector was not taken on board in policy making process.

He said that the worsening security conditions, an acute and unparalleled energy shortage, highest-ever electricity tariff, rampant corruption, low policy implementation rate, huge loss making State-owned Enterprises and ongoing political uncertainty are contributing to keep the activity at a halt.

He said that the business community understands that the issues at hand are of complex nature and requires some sort of out-of-box solutions. But at the same, it knows well that a little attention towards provision of uninterrupted supply of gas and electricity to the industry could pave way for much needed economic activity.