SADIQABAD - Islahi Jamaat is organising congregations across the country to spread the message of Islam to the whole of humanity, said the successor or Gaddi Nasheen of Hazrat Sultan Bahu shrine.

“The purpose of the religious gatherings is purification of souls through spiritualism and to defend the ideology of Pakistan. We have to think first how to glorify the county,” M Ali Sultan said while addressing a welcome meeting held at the residence of former state minister on interior Zafar Iqbal Warraich.

The successor said the human beings have been given by all kinds of blessings, adding that by spending in the way of Allah Almighty, treasure increases and not decreases. On the occasion, he felicitated the former minister and former naib nazim Husnain Zafar Warraich for jumping on the bandwagon of the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf.  Earlier, the successor, who was flanked by Arshad Sultani, Qaisar Abbas, Mufti Muteeullah, Mufti M Sherul Qadri, Qari Nasrullah and Aamir Tufail, was warmly welcomed.

 by Haji Kibria Jut, Umar Bajwa, Munsif Ali Akhtar, Imran and others.