LAHORE – The Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly, Rana Mashhood Ahmed deferred the answers to the Call Attention Notices till January 23 after an interested debate between the Opposition and Deputy Speaker when parliamentary secretary, Tahir Khalil Sindhu tried to represent the provincial law minister.

The debate started during the first day of 33rd session of the Punjab Assembly when PML-Q parliamentary party leader, Chaudhary Zaheer-ud-Din has asked the chair to stop the parliamentary secretary from making any effort to answer the call attention notices, as the chief minister or a minister could reply the notices only according to the rules.

The helpless Deputy Speaker deferred the answers to the call attention notices till January 23 (Monday).

Ch Zaheer said that only chief minister or minister could answer the call attention notice, however the Rana Mashhood replied that the parliamentary secretary just wanted to inform that the provincial law minister was not present in the House and Tahir Sindhu didn’t make any effort to answer the call attention notices.

Taking up the matter further, PPP leader Zulfikar Gondal remarked that permitting parliamentary secretary to inform the House about the absence of the law minister to reply the Call Attention Notices was also a violation of the rules.