LAHORE – The Lahore High Court was told on Thursday that Special Branch SSP Manzoor Sarwar Chaudhary is a dishonest official and not eligible for promotion to BS-20. Secretary of the Establishment Division further  submitted that promotion to BS-20 “is made on the recommendation of the CSB, which comprises nine Federal Secretaries, four Chief Secretaries and two MNAS. The BS-20 posts are selection posts which are required to be made on merit in vogue of Promotion Policy modified in 2007.” Manzoor Sarwar, currently working in the Special Branch as Director Research and Relations, had sought promotion. He had submitted that the Central Selection Board had given promotion to such officers who were junior to him but he was not being promoted.

“These are senior management positions involving important policy making or extensive administrative jurisdiction, and no official whose ‘integrity is doubtful’ can be appointed on such positions,” the report said and further added that to the variety of experience, the officers must also possess analytical competence, breadth of vision and emotional maturity but CSB had recommended him for supersession in its two meetings held in 2010 and 2011. The report said: “The perFormance Evolution Report and marks of Mr Chaudhary were also much below the minimum prescribed threshold of 70 by the CSB.” The report further told that CSB in its meeting held in 2010 had decided that the officers with doubtful integrity, bad reputation or reputed to be corrupt as know to the boards’ members would not be recommended for promotion.

In the meeting of CSB held in 2010, Manzoor Chaudhary had secured 69.13 marks while his junior police officers Mr Ahmed Mukarram and Mr Ali Amir Malik had secured 80.95 and 76.19 respectively.

In the meeting of 2011, Manzoor’s performance further decreased and he secured only 68.13 marks while his juniors Malik Abu Bakar Khuda Bakhsh secured 74 marks and Dr Najaf Quli Mriza and Shahid Hanif scored 75.65 and 80.24 marks respectively, the report further explains.

In the report submitted in LHC, the secretary requested to dismiss the petition of SSP Manzoor Sarwar Chaudhary as his ‘integrity reported to be doubtful’ and he is not eligible for promotion on important positions.

 The secretary said: “The senior officers, if not recommended for promotion on account of low threshold, shall be superseded.”