LONDON - Mansoor Ijaz has obtained visa from Pakistan High Commission in London, reported a private TV channel on Thursday.

Mansoor Ijaz, the central character in memogate scandal, personally visited the office of Pakistan High Commission in London where he was issued the visa along with summons from the memo commission. Before visiting the office of High Commission, Mansoor Ijaz made a telephonic contact with the office.

Ijaz is due to appear before the memo commission in Pakistan on January 24 and before the Parliamentary Committee on January 26. The memo commission was formed by the Supreme Court to investigate the controversial memo delivered to the US through Mansoor Ijaz.

Mansoor Ijaz was earlier reported to have said that he was unable to reach the Pakistani High Commission in London due to security concerns. Ijaz also voiced concern over the presence of the media outside the building, after which the Pakistani High Commissioner Wajid Shamsul Hasan offered Ijaz to visit the commission after office hours.

Moreover, Wajid assured Ijaz over a telephone conversation that he would be issued a visa as soon as his passport was received.