LAHORE – The Lahore High Court on Thursday directed the Pepco to submit its electricity loadshedding schedule for the VVIPs and the premises including the Presidency, the Prime Minister’s , Governor’s and Chief Minister’s House.

Earlier, the court had issued the same directions to Wapda and electricity distribution companies, however, a deputy attorney general Naseem Kashmiri told the court on Thursday that the required details belonged to Pakistan electric power company and requested to directly order the Pepco to submit the details.

At this, Chief Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed ordered the Pepco to submit the loadshedding plan for VVIPs and also sought personal appearance of the company’s officer concerned on Feb 10 to explain the technicalities.The CJ was hearing a petition seeking a restraining order for Wapda and electricity distribution companies not to hold load shedding management sharing plan. Petitioner advocate Muhammad Azhar Siddique argued that government had unable to supply uninterrupted electric supplies to hospitals especially in the ongoing season when rivers were full of water and there was no shortfall technically in production of the electricity. In another petition having relevant contentions, the Chief Justice again sought reply from the Federal Government and other respondents about cost of electricity production, and amount being collected from consumers.

Meanwhile, the LHC adjourned hearing on a writ petition seeking directions to declare all the former dictators as traitors for abrogating the Constitution of Pakistan besides holding their accomplice politicians permanently disqualified for holding public offices. As the court resumed hearing, Chief Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed asked petitioner-lawyer to come up with arguments on a point that as to how the court could pass any order against those former army chiefs who were no longer alive. Advocate Rana Ilamuddin could only reply that Gen (retired) Pervez Musharraf was still alive, when the CJ observed three of the former army chiefs Yahya Khan, Ayub Khan and Ziaul Haq had been died.

The petitioner insisted that court should start proceedings against Musharraf. The chief justice, however, rejected his plea and observed Musharraf was being tried in a Rawalpindi Court.

 The court adjourned further hearing and asked the lawyer to convince the court on the said point on next hearing to be fixed by the registrar’s office.

The petitioner submitted that Sikandar Mirza, Yahya Khan, Ayub Khan, Ziaul Haq and Pervez Musharraf abrogated the Constitution and usurped people fundamental rights to silence voices against their dictatorial regimes. He pointed out that politicians also played role of second fiddle to dictators to allow them to prolong their rule. He requested to declare all violators of Constitution as traitors.