KARACHI – The overall state of literacy in Pakistan leaves a lot to be desired. The general masses, especially the underprivileged segments in both urban and rural areas, still remain oblivious of the importance of educating themselves or their children, says a press release. The education system is confined to some out-dated Syllabi, which needs some comprehensive efforts to streamline our methodology with the dynamic global standards. If the public sector education system is not modernized and upgraded soon, our common students will surely be left far behind in the highly competitive and professional world, that demands an increasingly sophisticated and evolved workforce, to carry out the futuristic ideas and initiatives.

Our current education system does not enable the youth to fully exploit their potential and creativity by experimenting and innovating, as it emphasizes more on following the predefined procedures. In order to unleash the benefits of the modern financial framework for the poor man, the masses must acquire a basic understanding of how to use this system. But due to the lack of effective educational initiatives, a solid foundation for mass literacy could not be built so far