KARACHI – Thousands of Pakistanis from home and abroad have signed up to make 2012 a year of change for Pakistan by joining the nation’s fastest growing social movement, Azme Alishan, says a press release.

As 2011 became 2012, the campaign welcomed its 100,000th member via azmealishan.com. More than 30,000 people from all walks of life have signed Azme Alishan’s ‘pledge for Pakistan’ promising to be an ambassador for the “true face of the nation”, while a further 60,000 have joined the campaign via Facebook. Popular singer Abrar ul Haq, Ayeshah Alam, Amean J  and Sarmad Tariq are among the long list of people who have shown their support for the campaign by signing the pledge. It’s a response that makes Azme Alishan by far and away the fastest growing movement for change in the country today and belies the campaign’s origins as a small social movement from Lahore.