The United States has denied reports that Pakistan's former military dictator president Pervez Musharraf had sought a meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over his return to Pakistan.

State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland said on Thursday that Musharraf was not asking for favours from US officials to avoid arrest in Pakistan.

Musharraf had announced in a telephonic address to a public gathering in Karachi that he was planning to return to Pakistan in the last week of January. She said the issue of return of Musharraf is an internal matter for Pakistan.

MS. NULAND said the US wants a relationship with Pakistan that is broad and deep and the two sides work together across the range of issues including economic things, development things, and the full range of security issues. She said they have a lot to do together across the range of concerns.

QUESTION: Victoria, you're saying it should be broad. So are you suggesting right at the present time it is not broad and comprehensive, and it is only restricted to security measures.

The spokesperson said in the context of some of the difficulties that they've had since November 26th, the full civilian relationship has been going forward, including the economic relationship. She clarified that civilian assistance continues to flow after November.