CHAMAN - Pakistani security forces seized at least 12 trucks in Balochistan carrying fuel for US-led Nato forces in Afghanistan, Iran’s Press TV reported on Thursday.

A convey of trucks carrying around 300 drums filled with fuel for the US-led Nato forces were stopped at Chaman bordering region of Balochistan on Thursday when they were trying to cross the border.

At least 26 people, including drivers and their subordinates were arrested after the recovery of fuel drums from the trucks.

The arrested crew was transferred to an undisclosed location for further investigation.

Hundreds of Afghan transit trade containers have been blocked in Pakistan over the past weeks, under the suspicion of carrying goods for the US-led coalition forces in Afghanistan.  Pakistan blocked Nato supply routes to landlocked Afghanistan following US-led Nato airstrikes on two military checkpoints that killed 24 soldiers in Mohmand Agency on November 26.  In 2001, Pakistan entered an alliance with the US in the so-called war on terror. Thousands of Pakistanis, including many civilians, have lost their lives in the violence since then.