LAHORE–The progressive wing parties and civil society on Thursday welcomed the appearance of Prime Minister before the Supreme Court of Pakistan and vowed to oppose strongly any attempt for the destruction of democratic process in the country.

The leaders of Awami Party Pakistan, Labour Party, Workers’ Party and members of civil society expressed these views during a press conference held at Lahore Press Club. President Awami Party Jamil Umar, Deputy Secretary Workers’ Party Chaudhary Naeem Shakir, Leader of Labour Party Farooq Tariq and Member of Civil Society Shazia Khan and other were also present on the occasion. They said the murder of democracy would not be tolerated at any cost during the current crisis and conflict among the institutions of the country. They appreciated the appearance of prime minister before the Supreme Court and expected the same behaviour of institutions towards each other, they said.

“It does not mean that we agree with the anti-public political and economical polices of PPP led federal government,” they said and demanded the government to immediately announce general elections.

The leaders of leftist parties also criticised the role of Pakistani establishment in the current political situation. They vowed that they would launce awareness campaigns in the public to oppose any possible undemocratic by the establishment.