Pakistan Railways has increased the fares of goods trains by 30 percent in view of increase in POL prices and to get out of the financial woes of the organisation. On the other hand delay in train services due to shortage of diesel and engines continued to create problems for the passengers. Pakistan Railways excusing increase in fuel prices and labour charges to load and unload the luggage, announced 30 percent increase in fares for transportation of luggage. Businessmen, factory owners and local traders have strongly condemned the PR decision. They were of the view that they were already suffering due to suspension and delay of trains as late arrival of goods have adversely affected their business. Meanwhile delay of trains moving up and down country continued to irk the passengers on Friday. Rawalpindi-Quetta Jaffer Express, Karachi-Multan Zakariya Express reached the destinations with six and five hours delay respectively. Pakistan Express from Karachi to Rawalpindi and Hazara Express from Havelian to Karachi were three hours late while Super Express from Malkwal to Karachi was two hours late. The railway journey has become troublesome for the passengers as they have to wait for hours at railway stations in the intense cold weather. The PR officials were of the view that disruption in train services was due to shortage of diesel and engines.