LAHORE - The third episode of the one of its kind Science Olympiad is here – from 18th to the 21st! PsiFi is an initiative by SPADES, a student-run society at the Lahore University of Management Sciences. It aims to generate interest in the practical side of science rather than just focusing on bookish knowledge.

To do so, various academic events have been specifically designed to encourage creativity, invention and innovation. The crux of the whole competition is to make participants apply science in the real world. Students (both school and university level) from all over Pakistan are coming to LUMS to take part in PsiFi and gain the much needed skill to explore and implement science and increase their interest in it.

For those who are interested in becoming a doctor will get a feel for it at the Diagnosis Dilemma and find the disease ailing the poor mock patient. Want to go to the space and mingle with aliens in a space settlement designed by yourself? Galactica provides an out-of-the world experience for space lovers – literally! Science is all around us, even in common household items. Participants will take these and create a scientific masterpiece.

PsiFi 2012 has competitions to fulfill every science enthusiast’s wildest dreams. The four day event will rigorously test the brain cells of the participants and declare the winners by the end of it. It will be a game of knowledge, creativity and teamwork. Coupled with the academic events there are social events taking place daily to keep the students energized and entertained. After the grueling competitions the whole day, participants can kick back and relax at the social events which include (but are not limited to) a rocking concert and a spooky carnival.

This year the PsiFi team hopes to make the event a more holistic experience. To have the students develop leadership as well as teamwork skills which are important in any field.

PsiFi covers all the major science disciplines, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science. It will be a test of knowledge in these fields combining learning with a fun experience. Not only that but talks by inspirational speakers, renowned in the field of science, will further the learning and interest of the students. In Pakistan we need to promote more innovative thinking and PsiFi is a step towards that. To think, create, experience, experiment and explore - PsiFi 2012 is off to start amidst enthusiasm and high aspirations!