ISLAMABAD - The Cabinet Sub-Committee has ordered to resubmit the case of reinstatement and regularisation of 269 employees of Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) those were terminated on the allegedly false allegation that they were appointed violating rules and regulations.

Sub-Committee meeting, which was held under the chairmanship of Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah, took several decisions along with the above-mentioned one regarding the regularization of employees of different departments.

It is worth mentioning here that the above mentioned 269 employees were appointed in the time of Dr Zafar Altaf and those who raised question about the legal status of these appointments were also on board while recruiting these people.

After the removal of Dr Zafar Altaf, new Chairman PARC Dr Afzal constituted a committee to examine the validity of the appointments that without adopting the legal course declared the appointments irregular and didn’t give the rights to employees to present their case. Prime Minister, taking action on the report of said committee, ordered to remove all such employees who were appointed violating rules and regulations.

Meanwhile, Supreme Court took sou moto on the issue and directed Ministry of Science and Technology to look into the matter and give its report on the issue. The said ministry in its report to Supreme Court stated that these employees were terminated violating rules and regulations and they were not heard properly.

Its report also stated that “The present Administration was part & parcel of recruitments made during the tenure of former Chairman and as such they were not unaware of lapses, if any, on the part of quarters’ concerned/competent authority. In all fairness, the concerned officers should have pointed out those lapses at that time instead of agitating subsequently thereby creating unnecessary problems for the terminated employees”.

As per sources, the fact is that Nazar Gondal, then Minister Food and Agriculture, had rift with Dr Zafar Altaf as Gondal wanted to get his men appointed that Dr Zafar Altaf refused to do so. Due to this reason Gondal started all this that resultantly caused removal of said employees those seem to be reinstated now.