Commenting on the decision of the 5-member bench of the Supreme Court on the NRO case, Mr. Babar Awan has said in one of his recent remarks that, among other things, the judgment has reminded him of East Pakistan and the of the Agartalla Case. It may be remembered that the Agartalla Conspiracy case was instituted against Sheikh Mujibur Rehman for his alleged involvement in a conspiracy to bring about a secession of Pakistan’s eastern wing in collusion with India’s military and spy agencies. The case was being tried in a court of law in Dhaka when, one day a violent mob attacked the premises of the court and the judge had to abandon the proceedings and go away to save his life. Subsequently the case had to be withdrawn by the government due to political considerations.

By referring to the Agartalla case in the context of the ongoing NRO case, Babar Awan seems to have extended an implied warning to the judges of the Supreme Court that similar fate might visit them if they don’t mend their ways. It is very regrettable if it is true especially as it comes from a senior lawyer of long professional standing.


Lahore, January 17.