RAHIM YAR KHAN - An eight-year-old Scheduled Caste Hindu girl was murdered after being raped in tehsil Khanpur , some 62-km away from here on January 17. As per details, Sumera Devi, daughter of Kora Ram Menghwal, a resident of Basti Kata Mauza Ghunia Chak 8-P Khanpur went missing after 4:00pm on January 16. His parents coupled by other relatives searched for her the whole the night but failed. The next day they again started search her and found her shoe outside a nearby sugarcane field.
Later, they found her dead body in the field and informed the police.
The police arrived at the scene and took the dead body to THQ Hospital Khanpur where lady doctor refused to carry out her autopsy which led a protest by members of the bereaved family.
At which the lady doctor started post-mortem of Sumera. According to the autopsy report, “It appears the girl died while being raped ,” the doctor said. The police have registered a case against unidentified person(s). 
Later, the aggrieved parents told the media that the police did not cooperate in the investigation and tracing the rapists-cum-murderers. Meanwhile, social activist Ansar Burney called the bereaved family and assured them of all out support for justice.