Doubtlessly, education is a means to help people develop knowledge and put one’s potentials to maximum use. It is not an exaggeration to say that humans are not sensible until they are educated. Sans education people wouldn’t have the skills and talents that would help them become successful both in their respective careers or be wise enough to making the right decisions in life regarding family as well as become aware of their environment. Indeed, education is one of the most important keys to open the door of success and serves as a milestone to people’s way up.

The future of our country lies in its educational system. It is really painful that past successive regimes in Pakistan have not attached any importance to education be it elementary, secondary, formal or informal. However, the government, particularly, the provincial governments of Sindh and Baluchistan are requested to launch a program to enhance practice-oriented adult education beyond writing, reading and simple arithmetic skills in 2014/15 academic year so as to bring about a difference with regard to the sector.

The relevant federal ministries and provincial departments must ensure quality education, replicating best practices, retaining teachers and building their capacity and issuing teachers professional license so as to inspire education and learning in the earnest sense in the country only then can we dream of a better Pakistan. If the present government really believes in democracy they should put all their efforts in education people of Pakistan as once they are educated they would be able to follow the rising star of democracy and bring in people who want a better Pakistan!


Islamabad, January 18