As a student of one of the six schools located adjacent to Khyaban-e-Shaheen, Defence Housing Authority Karachi, close to the notorious area for car-racing in Phase 8, it has become a common episode to see death-dealing accidents on the roads of the vicinity. There is a heavy load of traffic throughout the day. Because of the residential apartments, during school pick and drop timings and also the opening of public cinema has added to the rush. The 2km road from Khybane-e-Itehad to Creek City is appealing to the speedy drivers as there are no speed breakers or traffic signals throughout. Over the years, the community has witnessed countless heart wrenching lethal accidents on these very roads and the number is increasing.

I would request the concerned authorities to take urgent notice of such events and take measures to minimize the risk and would also appeal to the general public to think about their own safety before anyone else’s and drive safely.


Karachi, January 18