In a latest development, the Baluchistan government has approached all political parties for an All Parties Conference (APC) later this month. It is aimed at seeking suggestions from the political leadership on how to establish peace in the terror-stricken province. The objective is to bring the separatist groups to the negotiation table. Indeed the significance of dialogue, instead of resorting to the use of force to eliminate extremism, cannot be overlooked. After colossal damage to life, property, infrastructure and consequential financial loss, it is time they join hands and come up with a workable solution to rid ourselves of this uncertainty. Sustained and concerted efforts are needed to bring back the province to its old glory. The All Parties Conference (APC) is likely to prove as an encouraging step in the direction of peace, harmony and stability as these are the essential prerequisites for socio-economic development in the region as well as in the rest of the country. 


Islamabad, January 18