As the Pakistani right and left wing ideologists keep discussing father of nation’ speech of August 11, 1947 at the inaugural session of the Constituent Assembly wherein Quaid-i-Azam declared, in very clear tone, that State would have nothing to do with the religious affiliations of its subjects, apparently in last six decades we have consistently moved backward. Rise of religious and sectarian violence from 80s onwards with successive governments and agencies’ tactical support to fulfil some unknown goals has now become such a monster that it has completely engulfed the Pakistan its founders ever dreamt of.

Today these sectarian outfits have become so powerful that they are able to challenge the government’s writ if ever someone tries to put a stop to this ongoing violence. But apparently this sectarianism has taken a new dimension by becoming official as well. An important federal ministry has asked not only the religious but sectarian background of the candidates applying for jobs. This is very shameful; every Pakistani shall demand reversal of this hate policy which contradicts the very principles on which this country was established.


Saudi Arab, January 18