KARACHI - Former president Asif Ali Zardari has welcomed the decision to create an Army Garrison and cantonment in Swat.
Talking to journalists here on Sunday, Asif Zardari said during his tenure when the operation against terrorists was undertaken it was decided that the presence of Army on permanent basis was necessary in Swat.
The former president said that creation of an army garrison in Swat was in the best national interest and no political party should use this issue for political gains. He said it was necessary to have the presence of fully equipped army where ever it was necessary to tackle the terrorists and eliminate their basis once for all. He said the sacrifices the Pakistan Army rendered during the Swat operation could never be forgotten and would always be appreciated.
Zardari said no political party should oppose this step just to get into the good books of terrorists instead the parties should keep in mind the larger national interest. He said every political party must rise above its interests and be on the same page with army for national solidarity.