This is with reference to report of Mr. Sajid Zia appearing on front page of 25-12-2014 of your newspaper. At last our political elite decided to counter insurgency by formulating a viable strategy. Every Pakistani prays for its immediate implementation in view of the critical situation, disregarding all pressures from internal as well as outside forces, which do not want to see Pakistan as a stable and peaceful land. As far as the 17 anti terror recommendations, these seems to be practicable proposals but nothing has been mentioned or discussed by the committee about the corrupt Judicial system, where cases are not taken up on merit and decided on the pressure of influential persons. The judges should be made accountable for taking appropriate decision, based on hard evidences and in accordance of prevailing laws.

The practices of past must come to an end and those stamping pressurised decisions be handled with iron hands. For example decisions made by a Lower Courts are being overruled by the Superior Court, whereas they are practicing and applying same laws and precedents prevailing in Pakistan and when the outlaws are freed, without any punishment they become more hostile and destructive. In case there is some ambiguity in such laws, those can be amended to create uniformity. It is hoped that steps to revive the judicial system will be implemented by the present government. The present scenario needs quick and revolutionary steps to eliminate the insecurity and uncertainty.


Rawalpindi, December 25.