LAHORE - An acute shortage of petrol in the city has become a handy source of minting money by a class of people.

Reports of earning billions of rupees at the top most level in the government and official folds are abuzz, while the supply stayed suspended for the common commuters.

Vendors have found good business, thanks to the government. They have devised various methods to find the rare commodity in the city.

Some have put their women in field who carrying bottles are passing through somewhat lesser trouble than the male ones in the getting the black-gold.

And if they carry a baby in the lap while holding bottle in another hand, the scene strikes additional sympathy for her among the onlookers and they push such ladies ahead to enable them get the petrol.

Some people have complained of secret deal between such sellers and petrol station staff to give the former petrol out of turn and more than the recommended quantity.

At the filling stations where a measured purchase of the petrol is being followed, they have also put other family members, even kids, in the queue to buy petrol at prescribed rates.

The petty sellers then are fuelling the needy vehicles and wheelers in streets and on the road at the rates from Rs 250 to Rs300 per liter.

Their rates are soaring corresponding with the aggravated situation of petrol in the city. Sale of 20/25 liters petrol per day is procuring these petty sellers much money than what they earn through the routine business. As such people at the bottom are enjoying special hey the same way another at the top level is doing but with cross-purpose.