KARACHI - Petroleum crisis prevails in the commercial hub following the cut of 50 percent fuel supply to the metropolis which is being supplied to Punjab.

Petroleum traders alleged that government of diverting 50 percent of Karachi’s supply to Punjab. The chairman of Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association Abdul The chairman of Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association Abdul Sami Khan told The Nation that due to government’s decision 50 percent supply of fuel to the metropolis has been cut by the Pakistan State Oil PSO, he added. Khan said that the supply chain was suspended from Saturday night while only 50 percent supply was given by PSO during one-half day. Khan said that overcoming the burden was irrational. He said that flawless supply would take more than a week as petrol will arrive at Karachi port on 24 to 25 January. He said that the government has announced gas supply to CNG stations for a week to minimize the burden.

Following the cut most pumps of the metropolis remained closed on Monday evening due to unavailability of petrol and diesel.

Many people were seen pushing their vehicles on Monday evening while long queues were witnessed on petrol pumps, which remains open with handful stock.

General Secretary of Goods Transport Association, Pakistan Madad Khan Niazi told that a meeting regarding the issue will be held while officials of Karachi Chamber of Commerce will also attended the meeting. He said that if the issue does not resolve than they would announce their strategy. Karachi bus owners association demanded to the resume the supply on immediate bases warning of suspending intercity bus service across the city.

On the other side, Pakistan State Oil has sent eight million liters of fuel to various cities of Punjab on Sunday.

According to PSO spokesman, in order to control the acute fuel shortage in Punjab eight million liters of fuel was dispatched on Sunday, adding that, 40,000 tonnes of imported fuel that arrived two days earlier is also being sent to Punjab while another ship carrying 22,000 tonnes of fuel will be arriving at the port on Tuesday. He further revealed that 55,000 tonnes of petrol will be arriving at the Karachi Port on the 24th of January. Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has denies any shortage of fuel in Karachi.

According to the PSO spokesperson PSO have fuel stock for Karachi and not single liter has been shifted to Punjab from Karachi Quota. Spokesperson said that the fuel supply had been provided as per orders by the petroleum dealers, adding that diversion is a rumour.

It is pertinent to mention here that around 80 per cent petrol pumps were closed due to the unavailability of fuel at their stock.