Hammad Hussain


PML-N candidate from PP-213 Kabirwala, Rana Irfan Mehmood, who lost the general elections 2013 to independent candidate Hussain Jahanian Gerdazi, was declared winner after vote recount carried out on the order of Bahawalpur Election tribunal.

In vote recount, the losing PML-N candidate Rana Irfan Mehmood got a lead of 5,733 votes. According to details, losing PML-N candidate in the Punjab Assembly constituency PP-213 Kabirwala Rana Irfan Mehmood had filed a petition against the results of general elections 2013. In the result independent candidate Hussain Jahanian Gerdazi was declared as a winner.

In the general elections Rana Irfan Mehmood got 34,101 votes while Hussain Jahanian got 36,615 votes and Hussain Jahanian was declared as winner with a lead of 2,514 votes.

However, the losing PML-N candidate filed a petition in Election Tribunal. The Election Tribunal of Bahawalpur ordered recounting of votes in the constituency.

Meanwhile, District and Sessions Judge Hamid Ali Shah (r) chaired the recounting in the constituency. According to the result of the recount, the losing candidate of the general elections Rana Irfan Mehmood got a lead of 5,733 votes. The recounting showed that Rana Irfan Mehmood got 33,057 votes while his rival got 27,324 votes.

In the light of the vote recount, Rana Irfan was declared as winner. Following the victory announcement of the losing PML-N candidate in the recounting, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif greeted Rana Irfan Mehmood on the phone. A large number of voters and supporters also gathered and took out a rally to celebrate the victory.