The administration has allegedly failed to ensure proper maintenance of Nawaz Sharif Stadium Daska which was constructed almost two decades ago and now is presenting a miserable look due to official negligence.

The TMA has established the main drainage well in the stadium where the sewage and effluent are drained out. The ill smell of the sewage has made the lives miserable besides creating environmental pollution. In spite of massive protest against the situation, the main drainage has not yet been capped or covered.

It is the only stadium in Daska which is now in bad situation due to non-availability of funds. After rains, the ground and cricket pitch becomes muddy with untrimmed gross.

The cricket stadium had been lying abandoned for cricket and other games due to lack of basic facilities. Cracks had also been appeared in almost all the walls, roofs of the rooms and the seats established there for sitting of the people.

The stadium is presenting a picture of official neglect. The doors of the filthy and clogged toilets and the windows of the rooms have also gone missing. There are no proper arrangements for cleanliness of these toilets. Instead of ensuring proper cleanliness, the TMA staff has already dumped the bags filled with sand, garbage and other things in the few dressing rooms. Moreover, stray dogs, donkeys and other cattle are often found visiting the ground of the stadium for grazing.

When contacted, TMA officials said that the situation was already in their notice, but averted to give any comment on the situation. Local social, religious, business and political circles expressed grave concern over the miserable condition of Nawaz Sharif Stadium. They urged Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to look into the matter.