Several roads included Jharkil Jara, Nikroo, Bambool, and Dhmak, Aino roads of Thal have become dilapidated with ditches almost everywhere due to alleged slackness of the concerning authorities concerned.

These are the main roads of Thal which are providing communication facilities to millions people of several villages of the area. Road surfaces at intersections are even more prone to deterioration because slow-moving or frequently stopping and starting traffic subjects the surface to higher levels of stress. The people are facing great difficulties.

Talking to this scribe, Malik Shokat Ali, Raja Muhammad Shahzad, Nadeem Raza, Ijaz Hussain, Haji Abdul Aziz and Malik Hameed Kilyra told that no vehicle even donkey cards were able to passed through these ditches safely on these roads. The use of substandard material by the contractors has been a major contributing factor for the messy road network in the Thal. People have been expressing concern over the quality of the work, but to no avail.

They protested against the nasty situation. Social workers Safdar Hussain, Ghazi Aman Ullah, Tahir Shareef and Ghulam Abbas demanded the DCO Khusahab to reconstruct all such deteriorated roads of the Thal.