ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court Monday directed Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to submit report about how many people have been taken abroad illegally and of them how many were brought back in the country.

How many cases were filed against those involved in human trafficking and how many were released and how many have been sentenced, a three-member bench headed by Justice Jawwad S Khawaja asked these questions from FIA while hearing the application of Abid Hussain.

The petitioner’s counsel argued that Azhar Hussain in 2011 illegally had sent his son Amjad Hussain to Greece.

 He contended punishment for human trafficking is 14-year imprisonment but the High Court had granted the accused bail. He prayed the bench to cancel the bail.

He informed the bench that Azhar Hussain’s two sons Ali Raza and Walid Raza, living abroad, were involved in sending many Pakistanis in different European countries illegally.

Azhar Hussain informed that Amjad Hussain was sent to Greece in 2011 by airplane. However, the petitioner counsel contended that Amjad was sent to Turkey by ship and from there he was taken to Greece illegally. The FIA official told that according to the man who had gone with his son last time he had seen Amjad in Turkey.

Justice Jawwad remarked that four years have passed but the FIA still could not find out... where Amjad Hussain is? The judge said the condition in the country is such that everyone wanted to go abroad. Justice Jawwad said he always asked his son, going to be 40-year-old, to come back to Pakistan and work here but now thinking that he should not force him to return because it has become difficult to live in the country.

He said the government had failed to provide basic facilities including food, shelter and job to its citizens and, therefore, they liked to go abroad even on big boats. In order to reach Europe some people are killed.

Justice Jawwad said Pakistanis, living abroad, every year send $17 billion. Both those who had gone legally or illegally sent this money in the country.

The court allowed Azhar Hussain to engage counsel and directed the FIA to submit a detailed report that how many people were taken abroad illegally and how many human traffickers were sentenced.

The case was adjourned till February 4.