Pakistan is facing woes related to energy and the government is trying its best to boost energy productivity. Pakistan has now approved the use of grid connected solar energy , roof top solar installations and mortgage financing for home solar panels to boost uptake of clean energy in the country. The government has eliminated a 32.5 percent tax, imposed on imported solar panels and equipment. This will reduce the cost of installing solar panels and encourage people to use this clean energy . The approval of net-metering, which allows solar panel purchasers to sell power they produce to the national grid is a major breakthrough, that could spur use of solar energy and help cut power shortages. This initiative will help scale up demand for solar energy across Pakistan. This is a commendable initiative as it will allow solar generators to sell their excess power to the national grid. This will not only reduce their power bill but also make them a profit. Clean energy is the future and with no shortage of sunlight it suits Pakistan well.
Lahore, January 15.