Pakistan is capable of managing its resources and increasing its worth globally with regulated framework and policies.

Unfortunately, due to weak administration and political instability Pakistan has failed to manage the increasing population with respect to limited resources. Therefore there is a sharp increase in immigration of the work force and an increase in worker remittances.

There is a debate over increased remittances as it comes with a wider pros and cons attached to it.

Remittances has contributed a lot to the growth of the country and its balance of payment but it has increased the trend of brain draining which has occurred as a loss to Pakistan in terms of workers and precious labor force.

Skilled workers are now attracted towards foreign jobs which has reduced the economic activity and investment in Pakistan. The dependence on remittances of receipt country has reduced the willingness to work.

I suggest that our country should focus mainly on increasing exports by encouraging domestic production to save jobs and skills for the country.


Karachi, December 8.