I am a student of software engineering hereby writing in your esteemed newspaper to highlight one of the significant issue that parents are grumbling now a days; for them it has become nearly impossible to pay the dues imposed by their children schools. Education is an important sector in the growth of any country’s economy and children are the key stakeholders in achieving the aim. But with this recent fee hike you can certainly foresee the pitfall of education sector in Pakistan.

Parents have taken to the streets in Lahore, Islamabad voicing shock at this excessive increment in the fee structure of the private schools that don’t relate to the current financial status. The schools under discussion here are among the most well-known, top-level “brands” of institutions. They have various branches in each city throughout the country, and are the sort of places most parents like their children to get enrolled in. They have applied withholding tax at first which has now become the part and parcel of their fee structure; it normally ranges from 2000 PKR to 50000 PKR per annum. This is apparently not possible for every parent to afford.

The issue got much highlight and the Government of Pakistan under the supervision of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif issued a warrant against all those institutions imposing fee other than specified. It was surely a blessing in disguise for all the parents; but like all the other notices it remained in the official files only. A strict action is needed by the authoritative body to ensure the imposition of the notice. Hence I am here by writing to raise my voice so that our Respected Prime Minister look into this matter personally and plan the actions accordingly.


Islamabad, December 8.