I would like to draw the attention of the Railway Minister Mr Khawja Saad Rafique along with the higher authorities of Pakistan Railways towards the grievances of the people from the District of Khushab and Mianwali. They face many hardships due to the stoppage of the creation of passenger trains by previous governments. People are compelled to use road transportation for travelling which can prove to be expensive due to the monopoly created by bus providers like Niazi Express, time consuming and fatal in a few cases. The limited vehicles are often in poor conditions and lack the desired cleanliness. Narrow roads is another set of problems for high speed busses and heavy load trucks as it results in prolonged transport facilities, especially during the holidays.

During Ghulam Blour’s tenure, many railway sections were closed due to the shortage of locomotives and funds for purchasing oil from market. Now, the people are demanding for trains to be built that run between Sargodha – Kundian junction. After taking charge of the ministry, Saad Rafique took many initiatives to reclaim the glory and growth of the railway system in Pakistan. His efforts led to the start of train cargo services being offered and ensured that the trains would arrive and leave on schedule. These steps were appreciated by public and department earned huge profit.

Restarting train routes from Kundian to Sargodha and Lahore will be beneficial for the public as well as the industry itself. The purchase of new locomotives from China and USA for Pakistan is an encouraging factor as some can be utilised for the improvement of the railway system. The privatisation of trains like Hazara Express, Shalimar Express, Farid Express, Bolan Express and Khushal Khan Khattak Express can be beneficial. By privatisation, good amount of money can be earned from private companies as their primary aim is of profit maximisation.

It is requested that necessary actions to run the trains from Kundian to Sargodha, Faisalbad and Lahore be taken as it is fundamental for the betterment of the public as well as the department. People of these districts are demanding the resumption of such trains as soon as possible. Politically, it will create a good image for the PML-N government in the eyes of people of this area. Unfortunately, local as well as national politicians are not taking an interest in the issue. At the time of election, they make many promises thus giving hope to the people only to disappoint them in the future. I hope the department can take the required steps to satisfy the demands of the people.


Quaidabad, Khushab, January 10.