I am the employee of McDonald’s for last two years, working there as crew and CCR. According to McDonald’s prospect that all the employees are equal whether one is crew or manager. Unfortunately, the Autobahn branch of McDonald’s is totally against it. There are no rules and regulation, terms and condition for favouritisms and recommended employees. I have been working there almost for last two years; I saw that the rules, regulations and warning letters are for crew members, while no warning letters, no rules, and no regulations are set for managers and who are concerned with authorities. The same injustice happened to me while working there. Once, it was my punch out, and I requested to the new hired T.M that kindly punch me out as it was already 10 minutes late and I had to go home because the day after I had my exam, Instead of punching me out, he abused me and treated me in a bad manner. I did not argue with him and calmly came back to my home. Next day, I complained to (R.M) Shariq Ali and also wrote about the discrepancy in crew log book. However, no action was taken. Helpless, I had to complain to Operational Consultant (OC) Shujat Hussain. I discussed my matter that what happened to me. Even he did not take any action yet. As far as I read the prospect of Mcdonald’s it cares a lot of employees. Unfortunately, the management is totally against it. I wrote many letters to allow me to have a beard because of skin problem, and also for changing of my shift time because of studies. To my dismay, no one approved my letter. Helpless, I had to bear this. Now, the issue is unbearable; therefore, it’s my humble request to the most respected Operational managers, Operational Consultants, Directors and especially Sultan Lakhani Sahab to take action against management which troubles to workers, crew, and employees.


Hyderabad, January 2.