The conditions prevalent in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan are no secret. The area remains one of the most impoverished areas of Pakistan with the residents barely getting access to basic necessities. There is also strict scrutiny of the people of the land because of the huge influx of terrorists. In such circumstances, it does not come as a surprise that over 1400 ghost employees are working in the education and health sectors. This indicates the mismanagement of funds allocated for FATA. The fact that 650 posts are lying vacant due to the lack of infrastructure and people are employed but waiting for the places to be up and running is a proof of the fact that there is no planning in terms of development of the area.

An area which is already impoverished and feels alienated by the system at large, the mismanagement of funds is something which creates further cleavages. This means that whatever amount is being handed over by the federal government, due to the inefficient authorities is being wasted. And when the matter is brought to the forefront by Senator Hidayatullah, the relevant authorities have resorted to deflecting responsibility on the matter - a classic tool that is used by authorities all over Pakistan.

This should serve as a sign of how grave matters of FATA are and need to be addressed as soon as possible. Merger of FATA with KP includes understanding these problems in detail and the first step is holding the relevant authorities accountable. They have been appointed to deliver a specific job and if they are failing to do so, competent people need to be brought in the game so that development can be extended to FATA as well.