It is Sindh, the province which places no importance on education whether it is private-schooling or government-schooling. No doubt, the private schooling has been considered the student-centred approach, but these days, it has become the business to hoodwink the masses. It is sure that government schooling is unequivocally destroyed, but private schooling has just been attention-grabbing by advertising, providing all facilities, and quality education. The advertisement that attracts people’s attention is nothing but a smokescreen, has been continuing for last few years to compel parents to pay high fees, which has brought dozens of schools in our contemporary society. Much to my surprise, I stepped forward and found a school. I paced a little forward, and I found a new school. 

There are innumerable private schools in Sindh, all aiming at doing business, looting the masses and getting the students into more troubles with studies by depriving the level-based and formal education. There are not much-educated teachers but intermediate, and a few bachelor passed students. Surely, a perplexing course that the students are fraught with difficulties to do, needs to be taught by the educationist or subject specialist, but some rural cities encompass a great number of schools where you hardly find any subject specialist to teach the painstaking courses: Oxford, Afaq, and Gaba series and, etc. which contain massive, literature vocabulary, difficult structures, and writing patterns, and are an impenetrable read. That is, the disguised BA and BBA pass students from unproductive universities teach in the schools. 

It is also problematic for students. Remiss of teachers to give a read to the course before teaching in the class so that they should be ready by having a clear idea and comprehensive understanding of what the book says. By virtue of these blunders, students are in trouble and not allowed improving their skills. 

There is another more important point I feel I ought to touch on. One day in my city, while strolling, I came across a wall built and purely decorative school, on the front wall of which was inscribed the name of the school with variegated colours. It somehow caught my attention and coerced me to observe inside the next day. When doing so, it stirred my blood and made me flushed with adrenalin moments to know that a student appertaining to a lower class and middle class family pays two to three thousand every month by hook or crook. But he is given the poor quality education under the teenager and inexperienced teachers instead. 

It is, most commonly, noticed that the own siblings of teachers and all faculty members get the education from the experienced teachers at tuitions, but these the proficient and seasoned professors are not preferred in the schools. It is rather important to receive education from an educationist than an unskilled teacher because educationists produce students of intellectual abilities. 

I would like to invite the concerned authorities’ and, in particular, parents’ kind attention on this gravely rampant issue, to look into the matter and keep checking the quality of education. And students are also supposed to be admitted to schools by parental choice, where parents find something innovative, motivating and advantageous. 


Sukkur, January 2.