At least 10 outlaws including drug pushers were arrested with arms, narcotics and other valuables during separate actions in Islamabad on Sunday. 

According to details, the Tarnol police arrested two drug pushers Ibrar Khan and Umer Aakash with 130 gram and 110 gram hashish respectively.

The Sihala police during snap checking at GT Road recovered 51 bottles liquor and 15 tins bear from a vehicle and arrested a drug peddler Muhammad Ishtiaq.

The Koral police arrested a drug pusher with narcotics during a raid. Two women identified as Madiha Bibi and Maria Bibi involved in robberies were arrested by Koral Police.

Bani Gala police arrested two accused of theft cases including Muhammad Ali and Faisal Khan. An accused Faisal Khan was held with a 30 bore pistol and bullets in Nilor police station jurisdiction. Bahara Kahu police arrested a robber identified as Saddan with looted valuables.

The recovered arms, narcotics and other valuables were confiscated and the detainees were being interrogated after registering separate cases against them at concerned police station.