The will of the people duly guarded with the support of their elected representatives for the welfare of the people is the essence of democracy. The theory of this form of government is successfully practiced in the developed world and considered to be the stepping stone of progress in the modern world the basic requirement of the universally accepted adult franchise is the democratic sense of common people. This was envisaged as the corner stone of running the affairs of the government in a transparent manner.

The unfortunate part is that we have not been able to reap the fruit of democracy in our democratic country. The power of the people has been sabotaged in the corridors of power. People have been deceived in the name of their rights. Freedom of speech has been silenced with various forms of restrictions. The envisaged progress and welfare of the common citizens has remained a distant dream and this the perks and privileges of democracy have been enjoyed by the ruling elite with the gross mismanagement of public funds. Public institutions have been thoroughly mishandled and politicized to bribe the fellow political workers at the heavy cost of public exchequer and benefit the political allies to solidify the petty political gains. The development has not been used with the desired transparency to add comfort to the dwellers of this country.

The political victimization has touched the lowest extremes and has widened the gulf of discord between the friends and foes of political arena. The peasants of this lovely country have not been involved in the high yield of their product. The labor will get the reward of their hard work before their sweat is dried. The education will be of high quality with one syllabus and be provided to all without their spending. Speedy justice with nominal expense shall reach to the doorstep of the victim. Social work will be done without any leanings. The provision of essential food items will be available in a price controlled market without any hoarding and adulteration. The traffic violations will be strictly dealt with.

The Brexit issue is looming large on the clouded skies of UK and other European countries. The dislike of the British shall have an effect on the entire Europe. The ripples of this ongoing agitated strike has shaken the very foundations of the government and the impending change is in the offing. A solution has to be worked out to provide productive solace to the affected citizens.


Lahore, January 18.