Pakistan has been a land of massive complexities since the inception. Sometimes she has been seen floating in the hands of mighty Generals and other times in the womb of nasty politicians. Sometimes she becomes a worrier fighting against the tragic terrorism and other times against the evil of corruption.

Consequently, these bubbling tedious situations caused in the dragging of the country into the wars and much destructive chaos in many ways. The most significant and mournfully gloom result was the separation of East Pakistan, emerged as Bangladesh. This tragedy is believed to be not only the result of Army ignorance but also, and equally or even more, a political failure.

In a very current point in time, Pakistan confronts Balochi-separatism movements, highly supported and funded by some internal or external evils. People of Balochistan stereotypically argue of the violation of their rights, and being deprived of basic supervisions by the government.

However, in truth, Balochistan has always been an integral part of this pure land. The concern for the prosperity and progress of the region can best be evaluated with the step taken by the government of Pakistan in a form of initiating CPEC there in Balochistan. This would bring a genuine change in the lives of the Balochi people and of the future of coming Balochi generations.

Very proudly, Pakistan has always been proved a nation of peace, pride, honor, great leadership, and a deep-heartening patriotism in many walks of her journey. It is greatly expected from the current and coming Pakistan government and the Army leadership not to repeat the terrible past but to serve genuinely for the cause of the nation.


Naudero, January 11.