The adamant president, Donald Trump has repeatedly overstated the construction of the border wall along the Mexican border as to halt the illegal immigrants, who according to Trump cause humanitarian crisis and security risk situation in the United States.

To get the job done, Trump has demanded 5.7 billion dollars from Congress, which is blocked by Democrats, who hold the House of Representatives and termed Trump’s move as ‘manufactured crisis’ leading Government shutdown for weeks, affecting 800000 federal employees without pay.

Earlier president Trump imposed travel ban and strong vetting plan for travelers coming from war-torn countries of Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and Iran, calling them as radical Islamic terrorists.

As Kurds in Syria are enemies to Ankara and allies; no radical terrorists to Washington. It’s all about the interest that sets the direction of the actions.

Construction of the wall is Trump’s one of the campaign made promises, as of scraping Iran nuclear deal, shifting Washington Embassy from Tel aviv to Jerusalem and pulling out from Paris climate agreement.

It is very likely that Trump will use these slogan-turned actions in the next presidential election as to secure the second term in the office, which Democrats won’t like to happen as they oppose Trump’s border wall plan like others.


Larkana, January 11.