LOS ANGELES      -           Demi Lovato recently announced a number of plans regarding her music career and its direction. The star plans on treating her friends to a brand new album which features her story with drug abuse. E Online reports that the album is scheduled to release in 2020.

This album is a long-awaited fan favourite because it is her first comeback after she suffered from a life threatening drug overdose back in July of 2018. Demi aims to focus on her experiences with substance abuse, her personal struggles with sobriety and time spent in rehab within the album. After laying low from the spotlight for a long time, it seems she is finally ready to come back into public view with an upcoming appearance on the Grammys 2020.

The star took to her social media to announce the news of her return behind the mic. She wrote, “I told you the next time you’d hear from me I’d be singing,” alongside a picture of herself, donned in a pink jacket and light beige pants, with the Grammys hashtag. The caption also tagged CBS and the Recording Academy in the caption. This post is in direct reference to the star’s last post back in 2018 where she shared a blank picture, captioned with the words, “The next time you hear from me, I’ll be singing.”

It appears as though the star received her well needed mental and emotional break, and is ready to hit the limelight in full swing.