ISLAMABAD    -        The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) Sunday said inflation has become the biggest problem in the country taking a toll on the masses and the economy. Amid record inflation another artificial crisis of wheat flour price hike has emerged which is damaging the poor, said Chairman Brig. Muhammad Aslam Khan (Retd).

He said that private sector stakeholders had forewarned about the looming crisis which was not noticed therefore now the government should start importing cheap wheat to tame increasing prices. He said that masses are paying the price of mismanagement of some politicians of Sindh and now the entire wheat chain is happy with increasing prices while masses remain at the receiving end.

The economy is getting stable, exchange rate has also stabilized and no new tax has been imposed therefore there is no rationale behind hiking the flour prices, he observed.

The Prime Minister has directed an action against profiteers and hoarders that the concerned departments should execute without delay so that the situation could be controlled, he added.

He said that Punjab Food Authority has confiscated eighty thousand kilograms of expired chocolate which is a positive move which indicates that departments monitoring food items are not sleeping. The authority should work harder to ensure that consumers get healthy food and those who play with the life of people for personal gains should be dealt with according to the book.