LOS ANGELES        -         Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s fans are in new hopes of a plausible reunion between the two as their seating arrangement plan at the ‘2020 Screen Actors Guild Awards’ was recently revealed.

According to PEOPLE magazine, Jennifer and Brad have tables placed only feet apart at the ceremony which will air on Sunday. Prior to this, the former couple was seated side-by-side at the Golden Globes awards 2020, that took place recently.

Talking about the arrangement plan of SAG awards, producer Dana Kenerson, along with director of awards Jen Coyne-Hoerle, gave exclusive insights revealing vital information about the stars.

When asked about the seats Jennifer and Brad are going to occupy, Coyne-Hoerle said, “Once we’ve kind of gotten the nuts and bolts and numbers down, then we can play a little more with the surprises of who you might see behind Jennifer Aniston and things like that.”

Dana Kenerson revealed that Jennifer is seated a few tables behind her former husband Brad Pitt, who will be sharing the table with his Once Upon A Time in Hollywood co-star Leonardo DiCaprio.

He admits that he “has some secret hopes” of a run-in between the two (like the rest of the world).

“This year feels brand new because we’ve switched from our long rectangular tables of the past to rounds, which actually makes it a little easier math-wise to flip flop and play and switch positions,” Coyne-Hoerle said, adding, “All of our tables used to be different sizes so it was more precise like, we have 18 that can fit here, we have 24 that can fit here. So it actually made things a little easier this year.”