ISLAMABAD        -         Low quality cylinders usage is on the rise in federal capital without any check as Islamabad district administration failed to check this dangerous practice.  In a survey, it was revealed that these low quality cylinders are being openly used in several food outlets of Islamabad.

Vendors running food set ups like fired fish, boiled eggs, and chicken tikka, etc. are using defective and faulty gas cylinders.

The ill practice is going on in the areas like G-7 Markaz, F-10, F-11, Bara Kahu, Bari Imam, Melody, Khana Bridge, Tramari, Lohi Bher, Karachi Company and other areas. 

Last month, at least 13 people were injured when a gas cylinder exploded inside a hotel located at the city’s Jinnah Supermarket area. The intensity of the blast shattered windows of the restaurant. Nearby vehicles were also damaged due to the explosion.